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As technology has evolved, digital signage has grown to be utilized by businesses looking to implement a graphic presence in order catch an audience’s eye. With the right technology, it can be incorporated into almost any display. Free-standing digital kiosks and video walls are amongst the growing options for digital displays.

Many of our encoders in our ZEUS™ product line offer low power solutions that are compact and ideal for these applications. We are able to offer top-quality H.264 performance in resolutions up to 4K while being easily controlled through our HTTP-based GUI.


Key Features


Low Power

Variety of Sizes

Resolutions up to 4K

Easy-to-Use Software Controls



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Z3 Technology is an industry-leading, USA-based manufacturer of video encoding and IP camera systems. We are headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska with engineering offices in Chicago, Illinois. From our subsidiary office in Japan to our team of video professionals, we know the needs o...

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