H.265 Recording and Streaming for UAV’s

H.265 Recording and Streaming for UAVs

Though first tested in the 1910’s for potential military applications, UAV’s, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, have evolved over decades for military use. As people have come to find more and more uses, video literally captured at new heights. UAV’s are now being integrated into a wide variety of industries including agriculture, cinema and consumer recreation. The potential is only starting to be realized for these vehicles.

Where increased performance and smaller form factors are critical, we at Z3 saw a challenge that needed to be met. Weight and size are major considerations in any aerial project. Limited power is available to run all of the equipment necessary to not only take in video with a camera but to record and transmit this video to remote control locations.

The Z3-HE1080-MOD is our solution for those developing video systems for UAV’s. In terms of bandwidth, H.265 (or HEVC) can supply high quality video at the low bitrates commonly needed. As our first compact H.265 embedded video module, the Z3-HE1080-MOD only consumes two watts of power and measures 68 x 42 mm. Raw video from the onboard camera can be compressed using H.265 and recorded to onboard storage or sent via an IP transmission to a ground-based control station for viewing. The Z3-HE1080-MOD supports 24+ hours of H.265 compressed recording in HD resolutions up to 1080p60.

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