HEVC- What's Next in Video Compression

With the continual rise in internet video streaming and cloud-based solutions, it is obvious that there had to be a change in the way we compress and transmit video. This year, HEVC (H.265) has been the buzz as the codec of choice to ultimately replace the existing codecs including H.264 and others. Why all this talk about HEVC?



HEVC is short for High Efficiency Video Coding and is an expansion of H.264. It features larger macroblocks (up to 64 x 64 pixels) which allows areas with lower complexity to be sent more effectively. The codec scans multiple frames, recognizes which parts of a picture are not changing, and expands the size of the blocks for these areas. Because there is less information to be sent, it results in a more efficient encode. Typically, HEVC is able to encode video with one-half the bandwidth of H.264.



While the upfront cost of replacing your current video system with an HEVC capable one can be substantial, there are opportunities for savings. Bandwidth of existing infrastructure limits the amount of information that you are able to send. By implementing HEVC into your video infrastructure, you would be able to send twice the amount of data over your existing network than you would with your current H.264 system.


Another trending topic amongst video professionals is 4K. Many companies have already made this transition, and there is no sign of this feature slowing down. With the upgraded resolution comes an increased amount of data required. HEVC offers a feasible solution for companies looking to implement 4K video to their video infrastructure. Companies are now able to realistically examine and evaluate the possibility of 4K video encoding.



Video professionals across the world are searching for solutions for the expanding video streaming and encoding industry. Whether your goal is to increase efficiency by reducing bandwidth or upgrade your current system, HEVC will be the codec of choice.

Because this is such a new technology, there are currently a limited number of hardware video encoders that can handle this type of encoding. Z3 Technology is excited to offer a complete HD HEVC video encoding solution with the MVE-2000.  Click here to learn more about this product.







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