The Importance of Forward Error Correction

What is FEC?

FEC is a mathematical algorithm that is applied to the signal prior to being transmitted in order to improve data reliability. This is accomplished through the process of adding redundancy to the content prior to transmission.  The receiver system also runs a FEC algorithm with the received data, detects and corrects errors automatically prior to the signal be presented to the output. This scheme allows for no retransmission requests travelling back from the receiver to the transmitter, and thus the “forward” part of its name. This means that the receiver can reconstruct the original signal even when transmitted over a weak or lossy transport such as WiFi or the Internet, where there is a high likelihood of signal corruption (errors), you can increase the reliability of your data.


In the Video Streaming Industry

First, the video data needs to be compressed using a codec like H.264 or HEVC. Afterwards an FEC algorithm, such as Pro MPEG (the standard FEC method applied to video streams), is applied to the encoded bit stream. The FEC coded bit stream is then capable to be sent sent over a lossy medium to a decoder, also equipped with FEC, corrects network errors, decompresses the video and makes it available for viewing. Because the decoder does not have to request a retransmission on the data, content is always moving forward.


ZEUS™ Solutions

In search of an FEC encoding and decoding solution? This can be accomplished with Z3 Technology’s MVE-100R. This system is capable of encoding and decoding H.264 video in resolutions up to 1080p60 and is equipped with Pro MPEG FEC encode and decode. Click Here to learn more about this product.








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