Z3 Technology’s 4K Video Encoder Now Supports Remote Camera Control

 Lincoln, NE (April 7, 2016) - Z3 Technology, LLC today announces support for remote camera control via IP to serial conversion through the ZEUSTM HE4K-01 video encoder. The HE4K-01 can be controlled remotely by any PC on the same Ethernet network. Now, the same remote PC can control a variety of camera settings by sending the encapsulated control commands over TCP/IP to the encoder. The encoder unwraps the control commands and then sends it via USB connection to cameras such as Sony’s VISCA compatible Eagle ER8300 4K camera block. Camera control can include zoom, focus, aperture and more. This feature is ideal for security and surveillance applications where operators need to manipulate the source video in real time.

“Incorporating support for pass-through of VISCA camera protocol is another feature that allows our HE4K-01 encoder to be incorporated into a wide variety of existing infrastructures,” says Aaron Caldwell, CEO, Z3 Technology, LLC. “We are consistently expanding our feature set to encompass the needs of as many customers as possible.”

The HE4K-01 supports encode of video at resolutions up to 2160p30 Ultra HD with support for simultaneous streaming of a 2160p30 UHD stream and a 1080p30 HD stream. Real time encoding can be used for live viewing or record to storage applications. The unit provides a compact form factor, measuring 5.7 inches (l) x 5.1 inches (w), and includes HDMI, GigE, USB and SATA interfaces. All ZEUS encoders can easily be configured through an HTTP-based user interface.

The HE4K-01 encoder with remote camera support is readily available for purchase. To learn about Z3’s additional video encoding and decoding solutions, contact sales@Z3technology.com or visit our website at www.Z3technology.com/zeus/


About Z3 Technology

Z3 Technology focuses on providing professional grade cost-effective solutions to meet a variety of video encoding and decoding applications. The ZEUSTM family of products features the latest in compression technology, including HEVC and H.264, while delivering resolutions of up to 4K video. Z3 can be contacted world-wide through our global distribution network or at our corporate office as follows:


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