Z3 Technology Introduces a New Lowlight eXtreme 4Kp30 H.265 Video Camera


LINCOLN, Neb., June 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- A camera system designed to excel in lowlight conditions is now available from Z3 Technology, a leading provider of video encodingand camera solutions. The Z3Cam-LX H.265 IP camera provides 4K Ultra-HD video streaming over Gigabit Ethernet networks. This ultra high sensitive camera brings color video in almost pitch black darkness of 0.004 Lux.

"Historically, lowlight imaging has been a challenge in UAV and other security environments. The Z3Cam-LX solves this problem by enabling efficient H.265 4Kp30 color video in almost pure darkness," Aaron Caldwell, CEO, Z3 Technology said, "This is a game changer for our customers who are monitoring their facilities 24/7."

Further enhancing the 4K camera, the Z3Cam-LX also features a 35mm full frame CMOS sensor, long exposure and high ISO noise reduction, interchangeable E-mount FE lenses and an additional composite input for a dual camera set-up with dual monitor viewing or picture-in-picture display.

The Z3Cam-LX is readily available for purchase. For additional design services and support, or to learn about Z3's additional camera solution offerings, contact sales@Z3technology.com or visit our website at www.Z3technology.com/camera-solutions/.

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