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Security and Surveillance


Security and surveillance is an integral part of many industries, providing companies a way to monitor and track all aspects of how their operations are running. Users need a reliable system that can handle input from multiple cameras and can quickly transfer the video to a display. From a video walls to a single display on a monitor, our video encoders have been utilized in a variety of monitoring applications.

Our ZEUS™ video encoders feature multiple channel options with a variety of I/O’s, offering users a lower cost-per-channel than our competition. We focus on usability in our products by providing easy-to-use software controls that make setting up and running our systems quick and painless.


Key Features


Multi-Channel Options

Variety of Sizes

Easy-to-Use Software Controls

Low Power



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Z3 Technology is an industry-leading, USA-based manufacturer of video encoding and IP camera systems. We are headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska with engineering offices in Chicago, Illinois. From our subsidiary office in Japan to our team of video professionals, we know the needs o...

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