About Us


Z3 Technology is the market leader in providing production-ready embedded multimedia solutions and systems. From our founders to our world-class engineers to our sales and customer service team, we understand your requirements and speak your language. Our experience allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to meet your multimedia product requirements. With the assistance of our robust worldwide distribution and sales networks, we can provide a simple solution to your multimedia needs.

Z3 has a long history of being the technical leader in development of video-on-module systems powered by Texas InstrumentsTM processors and a solid track record of transitioning our customers from concept to mass production in record time and at reduced overall cost.

Z3’s expertise involves:

  • Turnkey embedded multimedia systems
  • Embedded multimedia hardware and software
  • Video processing and compression
  • Embedded Linux

We are proud to be a Texas InstrumentsTM Design Network Platinum Member. Find out more about this strategic relationship.