Rapid Product design System (Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS)


The Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS is a set of hardware boards, software tools, and applications designed to enable the rapid development of media-centric PCI Express applications. It includes a 2-lane PCIe interface that can plug into a 4-lane or 16-lane PCIe slot or a 1-lane PCIe slot with open back. The Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS is designed to make standalone operation possible so that it can be developed and tested independently from any hosts. It contains one Z3-DM8168-MOD-3x System on Module, one Z3-DM8168-APP-2x Application (I/O) Board with PCI Express interface, as well as bundled software with all of the necessary components for the user to quickly develop their own advanced multimedia, graphics, and DSP applications.

Please click on the datasheet link for additional information: Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS

Ordering Information

The Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS includes:

  • One production quality Z3-DM8168-MOD (108 x 68 mm) module
  • One production quality Z3-DM8168-APP (168 x 89 mm) PCIe application board
  • Schematic and Gerbers of Z3-DM8168-APP-2x
  • Linux 2.6 kernel, filesys all is easy-to-use (pre-chewed) tar file.
  • Flash update/programming tool
  • Exe versions of our OpenMax and low-latency RTP software applications under licensing terms.
    • Z3 Application source code is available for additional fee

RPS Systems:

Z3 Technology shortens your design cycle by providing a Rapid Production Starter Kits (RPS) for each of the modules in our catalog. The RPS kit features our production-ready module, a reference application board and the software demonstration kit, along with the documentation needed to quickly evaluate the capabilities of our products.

A Linux-based media SDK license, additional design services and support are available from Z3 Technology. Please contact Z3 at sales@z3technology.com.