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UAV Video Encoding

The FV2K-DCK-15 is a compact ultra-lightweight solution, making it ideal for UAV applications. The use case shows a simple set up where the product is incorporated into the control box where it can encode the video from the camera in the drone. The video is then made available for real-time viewing on the controller.

FV2K-DCK-15A Drone Application

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Our lightweight encoders offer the ultimate in flexibility with all-in-one H.264 encoder/decoder systems equipped with a variety of I/O’s, all at an affordable price.

Key Features

Ultimate in flexibility with all-in-one H.265 encoder/decoder systems equipped with a variety of I/O’s. All at an affordable price point.


Compact Form Factor

H265 H264

H.265 & H.264 Encoding


Compatible with Video Management Systems


SDK with an API Available

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