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The CIB-BOS-01 is designed to enable digital video from FLIR® Boson® cameras for thermal inspection, surveillance, industrial and UAV applications. The CIB-BOS-01 provides digital LVDS video output directly from the Boson® camera.

The CIB-BOS-01 interface board is fully integrated with the dual camera family of video streaming encoders such as the FV4K-DCK-1x, FV2K-DCK1x and FSDI-DCK-1x. The FlexIO™ connector system allows for a single, convenient connection to send power from the encoder to the camera, pass video from the camera to the encoder and control/configuration from/to the encoder. The CIB-BOS-01 paired with Z3’s camera solution encoders create a complete solution to capture, store and stream IR video.

The USB 2.0 jack on the CIB-BOS-01 board allows for an additional power option for the camera and access to the camera’s configuration. Connecting to a computer via USB allows for offline configuration using the standard FLIR® Boson® tool.

FLIR® BOSON® Digital LVDS Output Board



  • Attaches to the FLIR® Boson® Camera Body
  • LVDS Digital Video Output
  • Direct Connection to Z3 Technology’s FV2K, FV4K, FSDI Dual Camera Encoder Family

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