Z3-DM368-MOD - Z3 Technology



Measuring only 68 x 44 mm, the Z3-DM368-MOD is one of the most compact production-ready video encoder/decoder system-on-modules on the market. The Z3-DM368-MOD is designed to facilitate the implementation of video and audio functions on media-embedded applications such as kiosks, machine vision and other industrial applications, information centers, digital signs, medical imaging, POS, etc. Its versatile design allows the system designer to focus on the end application, with confidence that the Z3-DM368-MOD will handle all audio and video media operations required with little or no additional engineering effort. Whether the end application requires encode or decode media from storage or streaming, the readily available, production-ready Z3-DM368-MOD will simplify the overall system design, reducing time to market and costs.

Low Power H.264 Module



  • Compact Design Featuring Accelerated Video Compression
  • Power Efficient Encode/Decode in Resolutions up to 1080p30
  • Production-Proven, Fully Integrated Hardware and Software Audio/Video System

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