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The Z3-DM8168-RPS is a starter kit that allows single or dual channel H.264 encode and decode up to 1080p60. The Z3-DM8168-RPS consists of a hardware package and software bundle designed to enable rapid development of multimedia applications. The hardware consists of one Z3-DM816x-MOD-2x System on Module card and one Z3-DM8168-APP-0x Application (I/O) Board. The software bundle consists of the necessary components for developing advanced multimedia, graphics, and DSP applications. The Z3-DM816x-MOD-2x is a compact OEM module that enables encode up to 1080p60. Encode can be to stream or file and decode can be from stream or file. The application board uses the I/O expansion capability of the Z3-DM816x-MOD-2x to implement additional functions not present in the base module.

Multi-Channel HD H.264 Starter Kit



  • Single and Dual Channel Encode up to 1080p60
  • Low latency modes
  • Versatile encoding modes such as: low latency, low bitrate and high quality

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