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The Z3-HE1080-RPS starter kit allows HEVC/H.265 or H.264 encode of 1080p60 video through SDI or HDMI inputs, and encode of SD video through a composite input. It consists of a hardware package and software bundle designed to enable rapid development of multimedia applications. The hardware consists of one Z3-HE1080-MOD-0x System on Module card and one Z3-HE1080-APP-0x Application (I/O) Board. The Z3-HE1080-MOD-0x is a compact OEM module which supports up to 1080p60 HEVC encode in streaming or storage mode. The application board uses the I/O expansion capability of the Z3-HE1080-MOD to implement additional functions not present in the base module. The software bundle consists of the necessary components for developing advanced multimedia, graphics, and DSP applications.

Compact H.265 Starter Kit



  • HEVC/H.265 high efficienct encode in full HD resolutions through HDMI or 3G-SDI interfaces
  • Compact design ideal for quick implementation in customized solutions
  • Easily controlled through RS-232 or an HTTP-based GUI
  • Ready to use, out-of-the-box commands for encoding, decoding and streaming

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