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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your most asked questions about our company and solutions.


Z3 Technology’s products are made in the USA! We manufacture high quality video compression solutions and design our hardware and software in house. Our outstanding product line offers a wide variety of encoding and decoding solutions that have a user-friendly control interface. Z3 has several off the shelf options but also designs custom solutions to meet unique feature or form factor requirements.

Z3 Technology is a Sony Authorized Integrator which allows us to have early access to Sony’s new camera blocks. We are able to integrate Sony’s new cameras and features before the camera is even available for general release, allowing our customers to be first to market with New Sony camera solutions and integrated product offerings.  

The 4K Sony camera blocks that Z3 solutions are compatible with are: FCB-ER8530/ER8550/ER8300/ES8230.

Sony’s HD camera blocks that Z3’s Encoders support include the FCB-EV7520(A)/EV7100/EW9500. Additional Visible Camera Manufactures that Z3 Encoders are compatible with include the Tameron, KTNC and Wonwoo cameras.

Z3 Technology also has encoder solutions for Thermal Cameras. Integrated Thermal cameras include the DRS Tamarisk, DRS Zafiro, Flir Boson, Flir Tau® 2, Flir Duo Pro R and different types of cameralink cameras.

A few examples of how Z3 Solutions are utilized include: Live Secure Streaming, Real-time Recording, Event Broadcasting, YouTube Live + Facebook Live Streaming, Live Streaming of a PC display, Unmanned FOV for Control and Recording, Microwave Link, and Streaming to a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Please reference our application tabs for industry examples. 

All of our Camera Solutions products support PTZ control through the user interface. The video preview allows users to view near real-time PTZ responses from a live video feed available in the Web User Interface. 

Z3-Q603-RPSThe Z3-Q603-RPS, weighing 43 grams and measuring 50mm by 38mm, is the smallest off the shelf encoder option with an application board that has an Ethernet transformer. Either 4K or HD cameras are supported on the Z3-Q603-RPS. Customers also have the option of integrating the encoder for a board to board connection for an even smaller form factor design and lighter weight option.

Z3-Q603-RPSThe Z3-Q603-RPS, user interface and streaming output are accessible through Wifi and Bluetooth available through the encoder. Other Camera Solutions products also support Wifi via a Wifi-USB adaptor.

The scheduler allows users to set specific times and Pan Tilt Zoom locations to capture video recordings, snapshots and/or camera positioning at multi-location capture points to start and stop the video or snapshots automatically.

Scheduled video events, snapshots, and live video can be recorded to USB, Micro SD Card, or Network File System (NFS). Removable storage has up to a two terabyte maximum.

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Our Team of Experts

Z3 Technology is an industry-leading, USA-based manufacturer of video encoding and IP camera systems. We are headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska with engineering offices in Chicago, Illinois. From our subsidiary office in Japan to our team of video professionals, we know the needs of the global video community and serve customers in applications worldwide