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Broadcast Video Encoding

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Mve 250

Broadcast Video Encoding

The below is an example of a typical event broadcast with a camera on-site capturing footage. The MVE-150 encodes the video from an SDI input and sends the compressed video over IP. The station decodes the video using a second MVE-150 with SDI output to make the content readily available for Affiliate Station(s) display.Broadcast Video Encoding

Camera Video Encoding

The Z3Dome-4K is mounted to an exterior of a facility, capturing 4K video, encoding it in H.265 and streaming the compressed video over ethernet to the Affiliate Station(s) where the DMD-4K decodes the video for display.

Key Features

Ultimate in flexibility with all-in-one H.264 encoder/decoder systems equipped with a variety of I/O’s. All at an affordable price point.


I/O Combinations


Closed Captioning


Variety of Sizes


Easy-to-Use Software Controls

Experience our top-of-the-line broadcasting solutions–from the video camera to the encoder–delivering high-quality performance, reliability, and versatility.