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Flexible camera systems which allow for a visible camera and an infrared or night vision camera.

360 Degree Security

The Z3Dome-4K captures a 360 degree 4K video, encodes and securely streams over Ethernet to view on a Video Management Software (VMS). The Z3Dome-4K is compliant with Onvif Profile S & T to allow you to integrate to your preferred Video Management System. 

Z3dome Security 01

Dual Camera Security

Visible & IR Monitoring

The diagram demonstrates an example of a dual camera Visible/Thermal camera set up. Visible video is being supplied by the Sony FCB-EV7520,, while the thermal video is from a FLIR® Boson Thermal Camera with the added CIB-BOS-01 Interface board.  The FV2K-DCK-1x is encoding the video and sending it over Ethernet and made available in a Picture in Picture display or dual Display option.

Fv2k Dck 1x Security 01

Key Features

Our ZEUS™ video encoders feature multiple channel options with a variety of I/O’s, offering users a lower cost-per-channel than our competition. We focus on usability in our products by providing easy-to-use software controls that make setting up and running our systems quick and painless.


Image Preview


Resolutions up to 4K

Onif S T Compliant

ONVIF Profile S & T Compliance


Compatible with Video Management Systems

We teamed up with Sony to bring clarity and detail to high movement and low light conditions—featuring unbeatable optical zoom with integrated auto focus, high sensitivity image processors and more.