Scale video encoding capabilities with a customizable system

Scale your video encoding capabilities with this customizable multi-channel video encoder system

Thursday, December 01, 2022 |

As demand for video streaming continues to increase, spaces become tighter with limited resources. You need to deploy video solutions that can effectively grow with your business or each unique video encoding and streaming deployment. That is why we designed a customizable blade encoder system. In one rack-mount system you have the capability to encode up to 16 high quality HD channels, swap SDI and HDMI blades or add additional encoding channels without compromising more space.  

How the encoder blades work  

The MVE-R16 is designed to be flexible for your application. You can quickly customize a solution by following a few simple steps.  

Determine your video encoding requirements 

To select the right encoder blade for your application, start by identifying your streaming requirements. This includes the number of inputs and desired resolutions. You will also need to consider how you are planning to decode and display your video. 

Customize your multi-channel encoder system  

 There are a variety of video encoder blades to select from based on your requirements.   

  • Encode up to four channels of HD video from HDMI inputs with the BLE264-H4  
  • Encode up to four channels of HD video from SDI inputs with the BLE264-S4  
  • Decode up to two channels of HD video from SDI and composite output with the  BLD265-SC2  
  • Have room to grow? Utilize a faceplate when one or more slots aren’t being utilized BLE264-FB  
MVE-R16 Blade Encoder

Put it together in a rack mountable frame  

The MVE-R16 is a rack-mountable frame that is designed to fit in a standard 1RU rack. Each frame supports four encoder or decoder blades.  

Dive into the blades below for more detailed information and data sheets, or reach out to our sales team at for questions.