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Z3 Technology Announces 4K 30X Zoom IP Video Camera with Multi-Camera Sync

Wednesday, November 07, 2018 | Press Releases

Z3 Technology, LLC, a leading provider of video encoding systems, today announced the availability of a new 4K H.265/HEVC video camera solution, Z3Cam-4K model Z8550. This powerful new system supports full 4K video streaming of multiple time synchronized cameras over Gigabit Ethernet networks.

The Z3Cam-4K model Z8550 leverages Sonys FCB-ER8550 4K camera module to provide the highest quality 4K image as well as the capability of synchronizing multiple cameras. “The technology we developed offers low latency, low power H.265 compression. By combining these technologies, we created a compact PoE solution to time synchronize multiple 4K H.265 IP cameras,” said Aaron Caldwell, CEO of Z3 Technology.

“With the new Z3Cam-4K, Z3 has continued innovating around Sonys latest 4K resolution, industrial-quality Functional Camera Blocks,” said John Monti, Director, Visual Imaging Solutions at Sony Electronics. The compact size, low power consumption and multi-mode flexibility of this camera solution will enable a wide range of remote IP video applications including broadcast content capture and perimeter and frontier monitoring. Close technical cooperation between Z3 and Sony Electronics has resulted in multiple system-level optimizations between the front-end camera block and back-end intelligent encoder solutions, resulting in outstanding image quality and performance in various lighting conditions.

The Z3Cam-4K model Z8550 is a compact 4K camera, identical in size to his HD counterpart, the Z3Cam-HD. The camera offers 30x optical zoom using Sonys Super Resolution Zoom technology. Crisp images are streamed and captured with a bright F2.0 maximum aperture lens, built in image stabilizer and 2D/3D Noise reduction filters. Full control of camera settings and modes are passed remotely to the camera over IP. Auto ICR is available to easily transition to low light scenes automatically switching from Day to Night mode. For sudden foggy situations, utilize the visibility enhancer and de-fog which adapts on a pixel by pixel basis within the dynamic range.

Reduce overall bandwidth with real-time H.265 IP video streaming. The Z3Cam-4K model Z8550 allows compression from H.265, H.264 or MJPEG in resolutions up to 4K at 30 fps. Video can be simultaneously streamed and recorded in low bitrates using H.265.

The Z3Cam-4K model Z8550 is readily available for purchase. For more information contact sales@Z3technology.com or visit www.Z3technology.com/camera-solutions/.

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