Z3 Technology Introduces Its Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS System Designed to Enable the Rapid Development of Media-Centric PCI Express Applications - Z3 Technology

Z3 Technology Introduces Its Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS System Designed to Enable the Rapid Development of Media-Centric PCI Express Applications

Thursday, January 26, 2012 | Press Releases

Providing the latest in integrated multimedia module solutions and products, Z3 Technology today introduced its Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS H.264 1080p60 system based on the DaVinci™ DM8168 video processor from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). The new Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS is comprised of a set of hardware boards, software tools and applications designed to enable the rapid development of media-centric PCI Express (PCIe) applications.

The Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS is a fully integrated hardware and software audio/video system, which contains one Z3-DM8168-MOD-3x system-on-module (SOM) card, one Z3-DM8168-APP-2x application board with PCIe interface and bundled software. This software includes all of the necessary components for the user to quickly develop their own advanced multimedia, graphics and DSP applications.

The Z3-DM8168-APP-2x application board contains interfaces and I/O connectors that provide access to the module’s advanced video processing capabilities, such as HDMI 1080p60 input and output, component input at up to 1080i60, and RGBS at up to 165 MHz pixel clock. The application board has a 2-lane PCIe interface and can plug into a 4-lane or 16-lane PCIe slot or a 1-lane PCIe slot with open back.

In order to make custom hardware and software development easier, the Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS is designed so that standalone operation is possible. The system can then be developed and tested independently from any hosts. To that effect, the DM8168-APP-2x board contains independent power, serial console, USB, Ethernet and SATA jacks providing a direct connection to the DM8168 video processor’s peripherals.

Measuring 68mm x 108mm, the Z3-DM8168-MOD-3x is a compact original equipment manufacturer (OEM) processor module supporting H.264 High Profile codec capable of encoding and/or decoding up to two simultaneous channels of 1080p at 60 frames per second (fps). Its rich I/O functions include Gigabit Ethernet, USB and SATA-II, making the DM8168-MOD-3x module perfect for media storage and streaming applications, such as real time transcoding, broadcast video encoding and decoding, digital signage and video kiosks, medical and industrial video, video conference terminal and multipoint control unit (MCU), and high-definition embedded video sub-systems. The Z3-DM8168-MOD-3x features a unique expansion interface comprised of five high-density connectors, providing easy access to the greatest majority of interface signals available from the DaVinci DM8168 video processor.

The modular building-block approach enables quick and cost effective deployment of end-user systems by simplifying the system design. The application system architect is free to focus entirely on the unique, value-add portion of the design instead of spending a large amount of energy into building the infrastructure.

The Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS is designed to facilitate the implementation of video, audio and graphics functions on embedded applications such as video security, video conference, video infrastructure, medical and multi-channel industrial video processing. Whether the end application requires encode or decode media from storage or streaming, the readily available, production-ready Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS will simplify the overall system design, reducing time to market and development costs. To view the Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS datasheet, please visit https://z3technology.com/Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS.htm.

Key features and benefits of the Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS

Media-centric Rapid Prototype System speeds up end-user systems application development
Modular approach allows for rapid and cost effective deployment of customer’s applications
Standalone operation, independent of PCIe host, makes it an easier development environment
2-lane PCIe interface on a 4-lane add-in card footprint provides high-bandwidth communication with a PCI host
Video inputs include HDMI 1.4a at up to 1080p60, analog YPbPr and RGB
HDMI video output at up to 1080p60
Independent GigE, SATA, USB and serial console I/O connectors for direct access to CPU peripherals
“The new Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS is a pre-integrated, ready-to-run hardware and software system which provides for zero-development project start up”, said Aaron Caldwell, CEO, Z3 Technology. The Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS provides an out-of-the box PCIe system that a customer can immediately use to jumpstart the development of video security, video conference, video infrastructure, medical and multi-channel industrial video processing applications.

“TI is very excited about the new Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS from Z3 Technology. What makes this so exciting is that Z3 has been able to develop a new PCIe platform so quickly using their innovative module approach,” said Sean Gardner, video infrastructure business manager, TI. “Having our DaVinci DM8168 video processor in a PCIe form factor will open up new applications in video editing and other PC-based video encoding and processing applications. The DM8168-based Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS brings multi-channel 1080p60 encoding capability in a form factor that was not previously available.”

“One of TI’s core philosophies is that development should be fast and easy for customers,” said Tom Ballew, DM8168 product line manager, TI. “Z3’s new Z3-DM8168-PCI-RPS provides a comprehensive package, including TI’s leading DaVinci DM8168 video processor, software and tools, to simplify development and enable customers to significantly accelerate time to market.”

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