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Z3 Technology Unveils New Line of High Performance Single Board Encoders

Thursday, March 03, 2016 | Press Releases

Providing the latest in integrated embedded video solutions, Z3 Technology, LLC today unveiled its new line of Single Board Encoders. These video encoder systems are geared toward reducing time-to-market and simplifying overall system designs. Each product features on-board interfaces, allowing for immediate access to video encoding capabilities.

“Z3’s Single Board Encoders were developed to offer an all-in-one solution for our customers. They are able to leverage the technologies from our OEM production-ready modules and software with the expanded capabilities of the on-board interfaces,” Aaron Caldwell, CEO, Z3 Technology said. “These characteristics will effectively eliminate product development cycles and allow customers to go straight from product definition to production.”

Now available, the Z3-SBE264-20 is a compact Single Board Encoder capable of encoding and decoding H.264 video in resolutions up to 1080p60 via on-board 3G-SDI and HDMI interfaces. Other on-board connectors include USB, SDI, HDMI, GigE and SATA2. This production-proven system measures 124 x 128 mm. It is ideal for applications such as broadcast video encoding, medical and industrial video, MCUs and high definition video subsystems. The Z3-SBE264-20 features encode and decode support of Pro-MPEG Forward Error Correction streams as well as Closed Captioning.

Also offering H.264 video encoding and decoding in 1080p60, is the Z3-SBE264-01. On-board connectors include HDMI, Composite, USB and GigE. This ultra-compact board measures only 80 x 92 mm. Closed Captioning is among the list of product highlights. The Z3-SBE264-01 also features decode support of Pro-MPEG Forward Error Correction streams.

Systems include one Single Board Encoder, preconfigured software that is easy to customize if needed, and documentation. Both Single Board Encoder systems are readily available for purchase. For additional design services and support, or to learn about Z3’s additional embedded video offerings, contact sales@Z3technology.com or visit our website at http://www.Z3technology.com/oem/.

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