Compact Single Camera H.265 4K Video Encoder- Z3 Technology

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The Q603-10 offers a feature rich connector board with Gigabit Ethernet connection and full size connectors for easy integration into your system.

Q603-10 Data Sheet

The Q603-15 offers a lightweight, low profile connector board with 100 megabit Ethernet, power and serial connections.

Q603-15 Data Sheet

Compact 4K or LVDS Encoder



  • HTTP/HTTPS Web Gui with Live Video Preview
  • Pass Visca Camera Controls over IP
  • Simultaneous Stream and Record
  • Timestamp Overlay Support
  • RTSP Authentication
  • Cropping to the Aspect Ratio with the Sony EW9500H Camera
  • Overlay NMEA and GPS Data
  • Pelco D PTZ Position and ONVIF
  • Absolute PTZ Support and PTZ Tours
  • WiFi 802.11am dual band 4.33 Mbps*



  • HDMI via KEL, Micro-HDMI, LVDS Visible or Thermal, Composite NTSC/PAL, RS-170
  • Sony® FCB-ER8530 and FCB-EW9500H
  • Sony FCB-EV9520 and FCB-EV7520
  • Tamron
  • KTNC
  • FLIR® Tau2, Boson and Boson +
  • DRS Tamarisk® and Tenum


  • H.264
  • H.265


  • Up to 4Kp30


  • Web User Interface, HTTP/S API, Serial/SSH, ONVIF or Video Management System


  • ONVIF Profile S and T, FCC and CE, NDAA and TAA


  • Aerospace
  • Inspection
  • Medical
  • Robotics
  • Security
  • Surveillance
  • Unmanned Systems: UAV, UGV and USV

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The Q603-23 offers a small form factor single camera H.265 or H.264 encoder with flexibility to support either visible or thermal cameras. The encoder supports HD and 4K cameras with full compatibly to Sony’s FCB 4K and HD camera line and compatibility to the Flir Boson and Tau2. The encoder can be controlled through the web user interface, Serial, the API or ONVIF.