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The Z3-DM8168-PCI2-RPS is a development system that allows dual encode and single decode of 1080p60 video on media-centric PCI Express applications. The hardware consists of one Z3-DM816xMOD-3x System on Module card with one Z3-DM8168-APP-4x PCI Express Application Board. The software consists of Linux kernel and application packages to allow users to develop their own advanced multimedia, graphics and DSP applications. In order to make custom hardware and software development easier, the Z3-DM8168-PCI2-RPS is designed to allow standalone operation so that the system can be developed and tested independently of any hosts. To allow this, the Z3-DM8168-APP-4x contains independent power and Ethernet jacks, allowing for direct connection without any hosts.

PCIe H.264 HD Starter Kit



  • Single and dual channel encode in resolutions up to 1080p60
  • Standalone operation independent of PCIe host
  • Low latency mode
  • HDMI interface

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