Z3CAM-4K Hardware Warranty - Z3 Technology

Z3CAM-4K Hardware Warranty


 1.    Terms of Express Limited Warranty for Z3Cam-4K Video Products. Z3 Technology, LLC (“Z3”) warrants that it will repair or replace, at its election and expense, any hardware which proves to have a defect in material or workmanship. Z3 further warrants that the hardware will perform substantially in accordance with Z3’s specifications and related documentation for the hardware. This warranty does not cover software. The hardware is otherwise provided “as is.” Z3 makes no other warranties, express or implied or statutory, including warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy or completeness. This Express Limited Warranty will be void if: the label on the hardware bearing the Serial Number is removed, tampered with or defaced; if the enclosure is opened; or the electronics are tampered with or subject to unauthorized repair.

 2.    Term Limitations of Express Limited Warranty. This warranty commences upon shipment of the hardware to the Purchaser and terminates [360] days thereafter.

 3.    Z3’s Responsibilities Under the Express Limited Warranty. Z3 shall be responsible for the repair or replacement, at its election, of covered defective hardware and all reasonable labor required to effect such a repair or replacement regarding a warranted failure during the express limited warranty term. All such labor shall be provided by Z3 or at Z3’s direction.

 4.    Purchaser’s Responsibilities Under the Express Limited Warranty. The purchaser of the hardware shall be responsible for:

a.    The installation, use, maintenance and operation of the hardware as set forth in the specifications and related documentation established by Z3 for the hardware;

b.    Notifying Z3 of any covered claim under this limited warranty in writing within the warranty term set forth above.

c.     Providing proof of purchase with a purchase date within the warranty term set forth above.

d.    Making the hardware available to Z3 or at Z3’s direction for any covered warranty repair;

e.    All direct and indirect costs incurred as the result of removal, repair or reinstallation of hardware as may be required to effect any warranted repair;

f.     All administrative costs and expenses resulting from a warranted failure;

g.    Shipping costs to return the hardware to Z3 with regard to a warranty claim;

h.    Loss of revenue, loss of or damage to real and or personal property, and liability to third parties.

 5.    Limitation of Z3’s Obligations. Z3’s obligations under this express limited warranty shall be waived and voided in cases of:

a.    Abuse, misuse, accident or neglect, including but not limited to any operation, installation, storage, application or maintenance practice not in accordance with guidelines or specifications established by Z3; or

b.    Modifications or repairs of the hardware not authorized by Z3; or

c.     Failure to provide prompt notice to Z3 of a claimed defect; or

d.    Failure to make the hardware available to Z3 or its authorized representatives; or

e.    Normal wear and tear;

f.     Damage that may occur in shipment through no fault of Z3.

(Ref. DOC-ADM-0035-01)