Full HD Dual Camera 3G-SDI + IR Video Encoder is Now Available from Z3 Technology

LINCOLN, Neb., Oct. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ 

Z3 Technology, LLC, a leading provider of video encoding systems, announces the release of a system designed to support two cameras encoding H.265 video in full HD resolutions. Offering the lowest bandwidth and compression technology, the FSDI-DCK-10 is ideal for dual camera inspection, surveillance, industrial and UAV applications."This system was designed specifically for SDI or LVDS and IR camera systems. The ability to encode two cameras in full HD resolutions over an IP network while only using one encoder system sets the FSDI-DCK-10 apart from similar products. It streamlines the overall design and implementation costs for our customers," Aaron Caldwell, CEO, Z3 Technology said.

The FSDI-DCK-10 features the capability to encode multiple channels of H.265 and H.264 video in full HD resolutions. The flexible design of the encoder allows the system to be configured to stream over IP and simultaneously record to USB or micro SD card. Utilizing the on-board 3G-SDI Output Loop, video can be made available for a local display. Customers can take advantage of the power efficiency of the FSDI-DCK-10 by only using 4.5 watts of power while streaming HD video from two cameras.

Camera interface options include 3G-SDI, LVDS, NTSC/PAL, Cameralink, parallel CMOS, BT656 and BT1120. In addition, on-board interfaces include 3G-SDI Output, RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet (PoE enabled) and recording to a USB or Micro-SD card storage. The video encoder provides remote serial control protocol communications support for most cameras including Sony VISCA™, DRS, FLIR® and others over the IP network.

The FSDI-DCK-10 is available with either software preloaded or with an optional SDK starter kit. Learn more about the FSDI-DCK-10 on our website. For additional design services and support, or to learn about Z3's additional camera solution offerings email sales@z3technology.com or visit our website at www.Z3technology.com/camera-solutions/.

About Z3 Technology
Z3 Technology is an industry-leading, USA-based manufacturer of video encoding and IP camera systems. The camera solutions product line features the latest in compression technology, including H.265/HEVC and H.264, while delivering resolutions of up to 4K video. Z3 can be contacted world-wide through our global distribution network or at our corporate office as follows:

Z3 Technology, LLC
100 N. 8th Street, Suite 250, Lincoln, NE 68508 USA 
Phone: +1.402.323.0702 
Website: www.Z3technology.com  

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About Z3

Z3 Technology is an industry-leading, USA-based manufacturer of video encoding and IP camera systems. We are headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska with engineering offices in Chicago, Illinois. From our subsidiary office in Japan to our team of video professionals, we know the needs o...

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