Miniature NDAA Dual Camera 4K+HD Streaming Encoders

Miniature NDAA Compliant Dual Camera 4K+HD Streaming Encoders

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 | Press Releases

Z3 Technology, LLC announces the release of two compact low-power dual camera encoder systems. The FV2K-13A and FV4K-13A lightweight camera solutions can handle two visible and/or thermal cameras, making them ideal for high quality UAV, inspection, surveillance and other weight constrained applications.

“We are excited to make these new 4K and HD camera encoder systems available to our customers. The functionality that is included in their lightweight, compact designs is unlike anything we have seen on the market,” said Aaron Caldwell, CEO, Z3 Technology. “These solutions provide a platform for our customers to integrate into their application, customize based on their video needs, and are backed with Z3’s reputation for reliable, high-quality video solutions.”

The FV2K-13A and the FV4K-13A support Power over Ethernet (PoE) for multi-channel H.265/H.264 video streaming of a single or dual camera system. The versatile user interface allows configuration to simultaneously steam and record video.

The encoders are controlled via an easy-to-use web GUI, Serial/SSH/ API or ONVIF. Each system is packed with essential functionalities such as the ability to pass camera control commands over IP, overlay timestamp and inject metadata in the video stream, as well as Pelco-D for PTZ positioning. Low-profile options are also available with the FV2K-15A and the FV4K-15A variants. Both video encoding solutions are NDAA compliant and ONVIF Profile S and T compliant.