Z3-DM8168-PCI2-RPS from Z3 Technology Allows for H.264 Dual Encode at 1080p60 - Z3 Technology

Z3-DM8168-PCI2-RPS from Z3 Technology Allows for H.264 Dual Encode at 1080p60

Thursday, January 29, 2015 | Press Releases

Z3 Technology announced today the immediate availability of the Z3-DM8168-PCI2-RPS, a development system that allows dual encode and single decode of 1080p60 video on media-centric PCI Express applications. Custom application possibilities include broadcast video encoding and decoding, real-time transcoding, security and surveillance, video conferencing and industrial video processing.

“Utilizing the latest DaVinci™ DM8169 video processor, the Z3-DM8168-PCI2-RPS is a solution for those looking to make custom hardware and software development easier. This system allows for rapid and cost-effective deployment of the customer’s applications,” says Z3 Technology’s CEO Aaron Caldwell. “The Z3-DM8168-PCI2-RPS is designed to allow standalone operation, so that the system can be developed and tested independently of any hosts.”

The Z3-DM8168-PCI2-RPS, measuring 89x168mm, comes equipped with both hardware and software solutions. Based on the DaVinci TMS320DM8169 video processor from Texas Instruments (TI), the hardware consists of one Z3-DM8169-MOD-3x System on Module (SOM) card with one Z3-DM8168-APP-4x PCI Express application board.

The Z3-DM8169-MOD-3x system-on-module provides 1GB DDR3 and 256MB Flash. This compact 68x108mm OEM module supports H.264 High Profile encode/decode at up to two channels of 1080p at 60 fps (frames per second). The Z3-DM8169-MOD-3x features a unique expansion interface comprised of five high-density connectors providing access to most of the interface signals available from the DM8169 processor. The module is also equipped with RS-232 for serial power option.

The Z3-DM8168-APP-4x application board includes two HDMI 1080p60 inputs and one HDMI 1080p60 output. It contains a 2-lane PCIe interface that can plug into a 4-lane or 16-lane PCIe slot or a 1-lane PCIe slot with open back. The Z3-DM8168-APP-4x contains independent 12V power and 1 GB Ethernet jacks, allowing direct connection without any hosts.

The software consists of Linux kernel and application packages to allow users to develop their own advanced multimedia, graphics and DSP applications. Customers that license the optional source code package can also receive Z3 Technology’s demonstration applications, providing an ideal starting point for custom applications.

“While the video streaming market continues its unabated growth, Z3 Technology is constantly making it easier for new entrants by optimizing their quick-to-market solutions,” states Atul Verma, business manager, TI. “The Z3-DM8168-PCI2-RPS is another example of Z3 Technology’s modular design approach that offers OEMs plenty of hardware, software and business flexibility in bringing highly differentiated products to market.”

The Z3-DM8168-PCI2-RPS is readily available from Z3 Technology, along with additional design services and support. Please contact Z3 at http://www.Z3technology.com or e-mail at sales@Z3technology.com.

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