HD LVDS + Thermal Encoder- Z3 Technology

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The FV2K-13A offers a feature rich connector board with Gigabit ethernet, PoE or DC Power and full-size connectors for easy integration into your system.

FV2K-13A Data Sheet

The FV2K-15A offers a lightweight, low profile, connector board with 100 megabit ethernet, power and serial connections.

FV2K-15A Data Sheet

HD LVDS + Thermal Encoder



  • HTTP/HTTPS Web Gui with Live Video Preview
  • Pass VISCA™ and IR Camera Control Commands over IP
  • Simultaneous Stream and Record
  • Overlay of GPS or NTP Data + Timestamp via SEI
  • Picture-In-Picture or Dual Display Mode
  • Embedded KLV Metadata Support
  • Relative and Absolute Positioning
  • Region of Interest Crop available
  • AI Ready Video Encoder!



  • LVDS HD Via KEL: Sony® EV7520A EV9500L, EV9520, Tamron, KTNC
  • LVDS Thermal: FLIR® Tau2, Boson, Boson +, DRS Tamarisk® and Tenum


  • H.264
  • H.265


  • Up to 1080p60


  • Web User Interface, HTTP/S API, Serial/SSH, ONVIF or Video Management System


  • ONVIF Profile S and T, FCC, CE, NDAA and TAA


  • Aerospace
  • Defense Video Solutions
  • Industrial
  • Robotics
  • Surveillance
  • Unmanned Systems: UAV, UGV and USV

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The FV4K Encoder is a dual camera H.265 or H.264 video encoder with the flexibility to support a 4K Visible and Thermal IR camera. This solution provides Low Latency video streaming and recording for low bandwidth networks, making the FV4K ideal for inaccessible surveillance mounts and unmanned systems where the highest quality video is mission critical. With three available UART/GPIO ports users can pass serial commands through our encoder to accessories on board, such as GPS or PTZ mount.