Production-Ready Modules


Z3 develops and supports open-source software architectures focused on TI’s DaVinciTM series chipsets. Z3 Technology’s production-ready modules deliver to our customers a unique combination of embedded video software innovation and optimized hardware aimed to drastically reduce time to market and development expense. Z3’s module products include but are not limited to:

  • Multimedia Player
  • Multimedia Recorder
  • Streaming Encoder and Streaming Receiver
  • Multimedia Centric Framework
  • Peripheral Drivers
  • Production Modules and Complete product design services
  • System level design and integration for both wired and wireless media products to provide fully functional systems based upon TI DM3xx and DM81xx processors
  • Z3 also provides DSP and DSP+ARM Cortex-A8 based modules for various markets (Available upon request).

Our corporate office and sales partners are ready to introduce you to the Z3 Technology portfolio and assist you in finding a solution to your video processing needs.

RPS (Rapid Product Design System) Development Kits 

Z3 Technology shortens your design cycle by providing an RPS for each of the modules in our catalog. These systems are production-proven and designed to save you time and money by reducing the steps in your development process. Each kit includes the necessary components to quickly evaluate the capabilities of our products including: a production-ready module, application (I/O) board, software demonstration kit and documentation for your system.

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Our diverse group of customers have allowed our modules to be featured in a variety of industries including:

  • Healthcare Technologies
  • UAV
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Live Streaming

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