Production Ready Modules

Production-Ready Modules


Z3 develops and supports open-source software architectures focused on TI’s DaVinciTM series chipsets. Z3 Technology’s production-ready modules deliver to our customers a unique combination of embedded video software innovation and optimized hardware aimed to drastically reduce time to market and development expense. Z3’s module products include but are not limited to:

  • Multimedia Player
  • Multimedia Recorder
  • Streaming Encoder and Streaming Receiver
  • Multimedia Centric Framework
  • Peripheral Drivers
  • Production Modules and Complete product design services
  • System level design and integration for both wired and wireless media products to provide fully functional systems based upon TI DM3xx and DM81xx processors
  • Z3 also provides DSP and DSP+ARM Cortex-A8 based modules for various markets (Available upon request).

Our corporate office and sales partners are ready to introduce you to the Z3 Technology portfolio and assist you in finding a solution to your video processing needs.